What is Penetration?

Sep. 27, 2021

Can't imagine osmosis completely?

Osmosis is the passage or diffusion of water or other solvents through a semi-permeable membrane that prevents the passage of dissolved solutes.

What, don't you understand? Not afraid. Most of us don't, which is why there are countless explanations and analogies to clarify the penetration. We will explore some of them, but first let us break the penetration into its parts to understand it.

Reverse Osmosis System Industrial Water Treatment

Reverse Osmosis System Industrial  Water Treatment

First, we will develop our solution. We start with a boring glass of old water. To make things more interesting, we call water "solvent"-this is convenient because it is just that. To make our solvent more delicious, we will dissolve it in some delicious sugar. The sugar is a solute. Just for tracking, we now have water, and we have dissolved sugar in it to make sugar water.

Now that we have a solution for sugar water, we will take a U-shaped tube. This is not an online video of a kitten and a monkey hugging; the U-shaped tube is a beaker with a U-shape. Right in the middle of the tube, imagine a little Gore-tex that cuts U in half. Gore-tex is our "semi-permeable membrane". Gore-tex is a thin plastic, dotted with 1 billion tiny holes that allow water vapor to pass through, but liquids cannot enter.

On one side of the U-shaped tube, we pour the sugar and water mixture. In the other we pour our ordinary old water. If you find that the movement of water is magical, then the magic of penetration begins. As the solvent passes through the Gore-tex, the liquid level in the sugar water arm will slowly rise, making the ratio of sugar water on both sides of the sugar water arm more equal.

But why is it so? Simply put, because water wants to find balance. And because one side of the arm is packed with sugar, the pure water from the other side decides to keep moving to make the concentration more equal or until the osmotic pressure is reached.

So here you are; osmosis is when the solvent of a low-concentration solute solution passes through the membrane to reach a high-concentration solution, thereby weakening it. Our company also has Reverse Osmosis System Industrial Water Treatment on sale, welcome to contact us.

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